Another day has passed

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Let’s get this started! ok well starting with man I could NOT sleep last night I was so nervous and at points my stomach hurt because of how nervous I was! But some time around 4-5am I fell asleep tho I did wake up at 8 so not much sleep but oh wells tonight I shall rest well ^.^.

Today me and my sister went to our FIRST pole dance fitness class! WOOOH! Well I had fun my sister on the other hand had a complaint or two but that’s later. So we got there and got ready some good while later the instructor walked in and got ready. We started with warm ups and used yoga mats that they let us borrow. The warm ups were simple enough; stretch neck to the left then the right and look down to stretch it again, roll shoulders, simple stuff. Then we did some i’m not sure how to explain but we were laying down next to the pole and griped the pole for support then did a reverse crunch then legs go straight up and open like a “V” and then back together and slowly lower them but not to the ground about a couple of inches of the ground and repeat. it was exhausting!

Then we moved on and started on moves. what we did were a pirouette and again the fireman’s spin. Example v

The pirouette is not as easy as you’d think. It takes a few tries to get it right depending on you  I guess? I almost nailed it but my balance is slightly off so got to keep at it 🙂 Also I was able to get both fit on the pole for the fireman’s spin yay! lol. that just goes to show that it does take time but slowly you’ll start getting it and it’ll get easier… oh right I got a bruise for my bravery of trying to seriously nail the fireman’s spin ^.^

After the class my sister told me she was not that content. I had fun but I get what she means, because the instructor was not really paying attention like she’d pay attention to only 3 people and they were the ones getting things one girl CLIMBED and did an INVERT! like she didn’t need attention! On the other hand my sister was struggling visibly with the pirouette, she was trouble with the placing of the hands kind of but the instructor didn’t even pay attention! No, instead she did her own moves, she was doing more advanced moves and was going back and forth not paying much attention. I was practicing on my own and didn’t care much, but when my sister told me I thought that was wrong. Well I guess that’s that instructor. So my sister wants to try classes with other instructors and that is what we are going to do. Next class is *drum rollllllllllllll*

Tuesday March 10, 2015 I am kind of excited to go but seeing how things are is kind of bumming me out, the classes aren’t that organized and it sucks like how do you work on moves you want to and not what they want you to do? Man this is going to be slightly troublesome but I shouldn’t fret because one way or another I will learn.

Till next time Lovelies!


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