Sleeping With Sirens

This is one of many bands that has helped me get through tough times I think they’re great. Might not suit your taste, if not than please don’t leave hate comment.

I read hate comment on lots of youtube videos or just about the person/band/celeb. And it’s like just stop. like no. there’s no point in telling them to go die or saying they shouldn’t make music…etc,etc,etc. If you don’t like the singer/band/whatever than MOVE ON like just click the next video or something smh. If you like classical cool you like opera awesome pop, techno, dubstep, hardcore, deathcore, rock, alternative, jazz, hip hop, rap, R&B ,oldies or whatever THAT IS GREAT JUST DON’T HATE ON OTHER GENRES OR CELEBS THAT DON’T PLAY THAT GENRE. But hey, that’s just my opinion you can do whatever you want right. Anyways rant rant rant and BAM! VIDEOS 🙂 CIAO BAES lol











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