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just felt like II should put that because I don’t want to be sued for something as simple as showing people a great video… I hope I did that right…is that how you do it?

ok so man do I suck at blogging like this. Well this just might not be for me, I use this more when I want to let things out or tell someone something but don’t have anyone to tell or can’t tell them, anyways that aside.

Pole dancing fitness, now there’s a topic. On Friday March 6, 2015 I went with my sister to a private lesson for 2 to try pole dancing. Tomorrow we are going to our first class, and let me tell you I am SO nervous! But at the same time I am totally excited. Pole dancing believe or not is nothing sluty nor are you a stripper if you take it. Yea Yea I only tried the private lesson once and already I’m saying all this–well it’s true. When me and my sister went the instructor told us seriously that they study more the art and beauty of the dance. I have seen some videos on youtube and some are wow like they dance beautifully and I am not talking about the sexy ones though they have beauty in their own way too.

I think how she dances here is so beautiful and this is one of the many videos that keep me inspired. Pole dancing is seriously hard especially if you have no upper body strength like me or are over weight, again, like me. I though it was fun when we had the lesson which is why I am going to continue with classes even if I am really self conscious and have super low self esteem I want to be able to do this. I always have trouble sticking to things and staying motivated, well this time I am going to do my best to stick with it because when you’re able to have fun in the air and hold on with ONE hand than damn you go girl/boy. Man I jump from topic to topic and this is why I suck at blogging. uhm what else…well pole dancing is NOT EASY ONE BIT,even my sister who has a bit of muscle couldn’t do the fireman spin

She makes it look so easy and then she even does a “slow motion” that is NOT easy that probably take a good 2 hours straight or more to learn and nail it all the while your hands and feet are hurting from tip toeing and holding on to the pole like your life depends on it lol. Anyways I think I’m done here, so pole dancing; not sluty, no stripping, great workout(my body is sooooo sore my arms forearm, upper arm, and even shoulders no lie! and my thighs and back.), it’s fun, and I’m sure you’re self esteem will go up with time. Don’t worry about being overweight anyone can do it even guys do it(this is not meant to be offensive!) and self esteem well take a chance cause I am and seriously I have anxiety to which makes things pretty bad but live life try things at least once(there are certain things you prob shouldn’t try once drugs, making a So yea try it and just do it! I’ll talk about what happens in my first class tomorrow ciao lovelies!