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I found this video on youtube one day maybe last year, well I think many people can relate to this. This video always makes me cry or well more like the poem does.

Hope you like it and sorry for people that actually check my page. I don’t come on much but I’ll try. Stay Strong Lovelies xoxo



Great movie everyone should watch it, it was sad, I’m sure many people can relate to many things that happened in the movie.Stay Strong xoxo

This is too great of a pic!!! And <-that line made no sense lmao :b

In pictures that i’ve seen you can tell that he loved his daughter so much and that she loved him back the same 🙂 he seemed like a great father R.I.P Mitch Lucker!

This is one of the sickest things i’ve seen xD and I mean it in a good way cause it’s SO DAMN AWESOME! Don’t ask why, I just love it and what it say, it gives me chills lol 🙂 hope you enjoy this pic!