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Peter Pan

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I loved this movie 🙂 and I had a crush on the boy when I was younger lol anyways this is a great line it’s so meaningful. In a way it makes you think of what happens when you die which really would probably be a big adventure then again maybe not lol 🙂



This is too great of a pic!!! And <-that line made no sense lmao :b

In pictures that i’ve seen you can tell that he loved his daughter so much and that she loved him back the same 🙂 he seemed like a great father R.I.P Mitch Lucker!

“Fun” Cat

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Help w/ blogging?

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It’s a blog about nothing yaaaay i have no clue what to blog about, I could rant but people would just be annoyed. Any ideas? Sorry for tagging this with non-related things :b