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I found this video on youtube one day maybe last year, well I think many people can relate to this. This video always makes me cry or well more like the poem does.

Hope you like it and sorry for people that actually check my page. I don’t come on much but I’ll try. Stay Strong Lovelies xoxo


Ew Monday!

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Haha so Mondays are the worst days ever! but then again if school started on Tuesdays we would think the same thing.Anyways SPRING BREAK IS COMING!!! starting on FRIDAY! anyone excited? well that’s a stupid question to ask of course everyone has to be hahaha 🙂 so i haven’t been posting much and I’m sorry about that….to whoever reads or checks my blog I’ll start posting again oh and you should check out my friends blog she does her own comic strips,puts music up,and…she’s weird 🙂 but hey who isn’t right? Anyways have a TERRIBLE GREAT Monday! Hope your days great! ❤